Geothermal News

School Considering Geothermal

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MIT Study

Article on MSNBC about how much of our energy needs geothermal can meet. More…

Geothermal - CNN

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Commercial Geothermal

NOVA Geothermal is a division of Air Distributing Co., Inc. (ADCO) that specializes in geothermal applications for commercial and residential properties. We serve all of Northern Virginia including Arlington, Clarke, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudon, Orange, Prince William, Stafford, Rappahannock and Warren counties.

Where commercial installations are concerned, many of the advantages that make GSHP's attractive for residential use are also true with commercial applications.  The GSHP technology is appropriate for both new construction and retrofits of older structures and will deliver 4-season comfort. 

In addition, GSHP technology is flexible enough to provide different services to different parts of a large structure.  If you require heating in part and cooling in another, geothermal can deliver.  The in-ground infrastructure has a life expectancy of 50 years so geothermal is on par or better than other heating and cooling technologies.  Another benefit

Of course, there is always the energy savings of 25%-45% over traditional heating and cooling that makes the decision a little easier as well as a significant savings in infrastructure space.  That's right, geothermal requires about 50% of traditional equipment.