Geothermal News

'Climate Pilots'

NoVa families try to reduce their "footprint". More…

MIT Study

Article on MSNBC about how much of our energy needs geothermal can meet. More…

Geothermal - CNN

Interesting video and article on CNN relaying some quick facts on Geothermal heating and cooling. More…

Residential Geothermal!

NOVA Geothermal is a division of Air Distributing Co., Inc. (ADCO) that specializes in geothermal applications for commercial and residential properties. We serve all of Northern Virginia including Arlington, Clarke, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudon, Orange, Prince William, Stafford, Rappahannock and Warren counties.

Concerning Your Home:

Will my existing ductwork function with this system?
Yes, in most cases. ADCO will be able to determine ductwork requirements and if any minor modifications are needed.

Will an underground loop affect my lawn or landscape?
No. Research has shown that loops have no adverse effects on grass, trees, or shrubs. Most horizontal installations require trenches about six inches wide. Temporary bare areas can be restored with grass seed or sod. Vertical loops require little space and do not damage lawns significantly.

My yard contains many shade trees. Will this affect ground temperature and my ability to use it as an energy source?
Not at all. The system is installed deep enough that it utilizes constant ground temperature.

Can a GSHP system be added to my fossil fuel furnace?
Yes. Called dual systems, they can easily be added to existing furnaces for those wishing to have a dual-fuel heating system. Dual-fuel systems use the GSHP system as the main heating source, and a fossil fuel furnace as a supplement in extremely cold weather should additional heat be needed.

Will I have to add insulation to my home if I install one of these systems?
Ground source heat pump systems will reduce your heating and cooling costs regardless of how well your home is insulated. However, insulating and weatherizing are key factors in gaining the maximum amount of savings from any type of heating and cooling system.