Geothermal News

School Considering Geothermal

NoVa school system considers Geothermal. More…

MIT Study

Article on MSNBC about how much of our energy needs geothermal can meet. More…

Geothermal - CNN

Interesting video and article on CNN relaying some quick facts on Geothermal heating and cooling. More…

Savings & Costs

How will I save money with a GSHP? GSHPs save money, both in operating costs and maintenance costs. Investments can be recouped in as little as three years.

How much does a GSHP cost? The initial investment for a GSHP system is greater than that of a conventional system. However, when you consider the operating costs of a geothermal heating, cooling, and water heating system, energy savings quickly offset the initial difference in purchase price.

What other costs are there besides the GSHP system? You can expect an installation charge for any electrical work, ductwork, water hook-up, and other provisions or adaptations to your home that are required. ADCO will estimate these costs in advance.

Does my state offer any incentives for installing a GSHP system? Some utilities offer rebates or incentives to their customers who purchase GSHPs. To see what your state has to offer click here.